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All our members normally will have already received our latest BCS newsletter through the post.  Due to Covid-19  the latest Newsletter is only available online. Just click the link below.
Our Summer 2020  Newsletter  


Our Statue of the great Stanley Baldwin

One of Bewdley’s most famous “sons” was Stanley Baldwin, who was born in Lower Park in 1867.  He was its MP for 29 years and also served the nation three times as Prime Minister.  He became Earl Baldwin of Bewdley in 1937.

Read about how the Bewdley Civic Society honoured the great Bewdley man, just go to our “history” page   or just click HERE.

Experts at the University of York are developing an interactive touch-screen and sound cone, which will be installed near the Stanley Baldwin exhibition in Bewdley Museum.  This will support the very fine statue, erected in Load Street in 2018, with photographs, speeches and information about the Earl, his family, his Bewdley roots and his political career.



Like gardens and gardening? Click link HERE for Bewdley’s
 best gardening club

WFDC Local Plan

Feb 2020  Full Council approval for submission to planning Inspectorate.

March 2020  Submission to  planning Inspectorate.
August 2020 Receipt of Planning Inspector’s report.
September 2020 Council adoption of Local Plan.

The full details are in the WFDC local Plan, go to the WFDC website and search for the Project Plan.

BTC Neighbourhood Plan
Consultants APS health check NP & report in December 2019
Further consultations Feb/March 2020
Submission to Planning Inspectorate April 2020
Final referendum Summer 2020

Annual Balsam Bash

Himalayan Balsam is a very successful invasive plant spreading particularly along river courses throughout the country. It out-competes most native plants , reducing bio diversity and, because its an annual. leaves the river bank bare in winter and prone to subsidence. Its a significant problem. A biological deterrent is being introduced but its very early days. Volunteer group efforts to pull up or cut down plants to keep it in check are really the only practical local answer at the moment.

Bewdley Civic Society has been organising a campaign for several years now and its become a successful annual event.

Himalayan Balsam is an innocuous plant. Its non-toxic, there are no thorns or stinging parts and, because it is  shallow rooted, even large plants come up easily. No special equipment required beyond sturdy footware and gloves although some find wielding a stick to be  therapeutic.

So if you do want to lend a hand do come along in the Summer, just need an hour or so of your time.Time and place will be announced later. It can be quite a social event. For further information contact Steve Bent at :

We can offer guided town walks for groups numbering 6 or more, they cost just £5 per head. Interested? Contact Richard Perrin to secure your place.
Email  Richard on

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The Bewdley WorkHouse has a great deal of history, full information about this fascinating building will be provided here shortly


As a result of government advice to limit social

contact, following the worsening of the

Coronavirus situation in the UK, your

Executive Committee has reluctantly decided

to postpone the Annual General Meeting of

the Society, which is in your Programme for

Tuesday, 28th April 2020. It is planned to hold

this meeting later in the year, when the

situation has improved.

A new date and time will be notified to all

members, as soon as it is possible to do so.

In the meantime we urge you all to keep safe

and will look forward to seeing you again

when our programme resumes.

Richard Perrin

Executive Committee Chairman